Apr 062012

iPhone 5 Release Date is a very common question, specially for those who have an iPhone 4 and enjoying it. How is going to be the new iPhone? we are not sure, but the real question is – how its going to play between the other smartphones we have on the market – Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, HTS Sensation and the fact that tablets are very common today.
How is it going to look? and when is it going to happen? we don’t know, but looking forward.. and we’ll update here when it will happen.

While the iPhone 5 Release Date still not cleared yet and might take some time, the good news are that you can find yourself a nice iPhone 4 Bumper Case :-)

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Mar 142012

iPhone Jailbreak / Unlock is now available on Bumpercase.com
If you thought of changing carrier, downloading free apps, games, watch live TV, making VoIP calls or record a video, then iPhone Jailbreak will open all those options for you.
Here on Bumpercase.com we’ve selected one of the most known companies to make it for you:

  • Support For iPhone 4S/4/3GS/3G/2G
  • Support For iPod 2G/3G/4G iPad 2
  • Support For All iOS Versions
  • iPhone 4 Verizon Support
  • Full 24/7 Support

To get some more details, just click on the link to the video>>>

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Oct 042011

If you’re one of the people who will be buying one of the new iPhone 4S devices from Apple then you’ll probably want to get yourself an iPhone 4S screen protector to keep your screen free from scratches and other damage. With these iPhone 4S screen protectors you simply apply them to the front screen of the iPhone which helps prevent against scratches and scuffs from keys, coins and anything else you might have in your pockets.

Click here iPhone 4S screen protectors!

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Oct 042011

Here are some fantastic iPhone 4S cases ready to buy today. All of the following iPhone bumper cases will are suitable for both iPhone 4 and the brand new iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S solid black case
This fantastic and simple iPhone 4S case will keep your phone protected without going too crazy on design.

iPhone 4S Tyre Tread Case
If you’re looking for a easy to use case with a good easy to grip feel then the tyre iPhone 4S case is for you.

iPhone 4S Silicon Case
This silicone iPhone 4S case provides superior protection from scratches and everyday damage as well as helps keeping your phone clean.

iPhone 4S Screen Protector
With these easy to install iPhone 4S screen protectors your iPhone 4S screen will always be safe and free from scratches.

There will be plenty more iPhone 4S cases to come over the next few weeks.

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Oct 042011

Apple has just announced the iPhone 4GS at their event ‘Lets talk iPhone’. The great news to come out of this is that the iPhone 4GS uses the exact same form factor as the existing iPhone 4 which means you’ll be able to use all of your existing iPhone 4 cases as iPhone 4GS cases. We will of course keep bringing you the very best iPhone 4GS cases on this site along with iPad cases and much more.

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