Jul 152010

iPhone 4 signal booster caseTired of constantly losing your cell phone signal and having to deal with dropped calls every now and then? Then you should know that cell phone signals are quite sensitive to a variety of factors which include how you hold your iPhone 4. You may have noticed that if you tilt your iPhone to a certain angle the voice quality can deteriorate significantly.

However, the new iPhone 4 bumper cases are here to save the day and now plays the role of both enhancing the iPhone 4 signal as well as doing what it does best which is protecting your iPhone from scratches and other damage.

Now you may think that you need to shell out big bucks for this kind of iPhone case but its quite cheap because you don’t need to get yourself an expensive official brand since most unofficial brands work just fine too. The next time you go choosing an iPhone bumper case, just remember that you get two functions for the price of one and may end up with clearer calls due to a better signal and a more securely protected cell phone. So don’t even think twice before buying a bunch of your favorite colored iPhone cases as you might be doing yourself a bigger favor than you thought

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